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What is Microsoft Business Central?

Business Central is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise
resource planning (ERP) line, designed to improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

Business Central is a cloud application that assists with finance operations for companies of any size.

Keep reading to learn more about what Beringer’s Business Central
experts can do for you.

Microsoft Business Central Features and Capabilities

Business Central has an abundance of functions and features. Here’s a small sample of what you can expect to optimize when you adopt Business Central.

Accounting and financial management

  • crm

    General ledger and cash management

    Keeping a well-maintained ledger is essential for reporting real-time expenses, compiling trial balances, identifying unexpected transactions, and drafting financial statements. Business Central allows your company to set up a general ledger and take control of spending.

    On the other hand, the cash management feature helps you manage the company’s bank accounts by creating bank accounts for the business, customers, and vendors.

  • crm

    Accounts payable and receivable

    Business Central allows you to take control of your cash flow by managing payables information for vendors and customer receivables information.

  • crm

    Bank reconciliation

    Automatically reconcile bank statement data to stay on top of mistakes, receivables tracking, and more.

  • crm


    Keep your business organized and legally on track by managing invoices for customers and vendors in Business Central.


Benefits of Using Microsoft Business Central

  • financial

    Improves financial visibility

    Business Central’s various accounting and financial solutions will make your business’s financial information transparent and easily accessible to all relevant employees and executives. As a result, everyone is on the same page and can coordinate better based on a single central source of accurate information.

  • collaboration

    Enhances collaboration and productivity

    Especially when used with Microsoft Teams, Business Central can help improve collaboration when fully remote work has become the norm for some industries. It’s a unified platform that allows team members to look up relevant business data, such as customer or vendor contacts and payment information, and quickly share it with other members.

  • analysis

    Facilitates data analysis and reporting

    Especially for businesses providing financial services, analyzing data is at the heart of operations. Still, all companies need data management, analysis, and reporting to make the most informed decisions possible.

    Business Central offers a unified platform for managing and analyzing all business data without resorting to multiple incompatible software solutions that don’t efficiently bring data together. It ensures data access 24/7.

  • streamlines

    Streamlines business processes

    Business Central improves your business by identifying inefficiencies, automating repetitive processes, and helping you manage every aspect of your financial operations.

  • integration

    Integration with Microsoft products and other platforms

    As part of the Dynamics 365 suite, Business Central is designed for seamless integration with other Microsoft solutions, such as Power BI, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Outlook, and others, ensuring maximum flexibility and functionality.

  • unique

    Customizable: meet unique business needs

    Given its flexibility to integrate with other Microsoft and third-party software solutions, Business Central can be customized to your unique business needs. You don’t have to fit your business into the Business Central model; you can shape Business Central to fulfill your needs.

  • security

    Improves security and compliance

    Business Central offers security and backup features to protect your data. It also allows you to store data based on local data privacy laws for compliance and transparency.


Why Use Microsoft Business Central?

Every company should use Business Central because:

  • It improves productivity, efficiency, and collaboration.

  • It secures your valuable business data in a single, unified platform instead of depending on multiple, incompatible, third-party solutions.

  • It’s customizable for your unique needs by integrating it with other Microsoft solutions and third-party extensions.

  • It streamlines every aspect of your business.

Beringer Technology Group has experts that help companies improve their operational efficiency with Business Central’s many features and functions.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive business management solution in the cloud, Beringer Technology Group has the team and the talent to create the customized strategies you need to keep growing.

Be protected. Be productive. Be profitable.

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